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Thank you! for visiting the Casket Gallery selection for Fine Wood Caskets and Metal Caskets. Simply click on a category below to view the Price, Picture, and Description for one of our fine merchandise selections!

Casket Categories

$ Military Caskets Casket
$ Military Caskets
$ Oversize Caskets Casket
$ Oversize Caskets

$ Specialty Designed Caskets Casket
$ Specialty Designed Caskets
$$799 Caskets Casket
$$799 Caskets

$$999 Caskets Casket
$$999 Caskets
$$La Pieta -Last Supper Metal Caskets Casket
$$La Pieta -Last Supper Metal Caskets

$1299 Caskets Casket
$1299 Caskets
$1499 Caskets Casket
$1499 Caskets

$1599 Caskets Casket
$1599 Caskets
$Full Couch Caskets Casket
$Full Couch Caskets

$Stainless Steel Caskets Casket
$Stainless Steel Caskets
$Wood-Metal Caskets Casket
$Wood-Metal Caskets

Art Caskets Casket
Art Caskets
BRONZE Metal Caskets Casket
BRONZE Metal Caskets

Fireman or Police Caskets Casket
Fireman or Police Caskets
Flag Cases Casket
Flag Cases

Infant Caskets Casket
Infant Caskets
Nature Caskets Casket
Nature Caskets

Wood Caskets - CHERRY Casket
Wood Caskets - CHERRY
Wood Caskets - CREMATION Casket
Wood Caskets - CREMATION

Wood Caskets - MAHOGANY Casket
Wood Caskets - MAHOGANY
Wood Caskets - OVERSIZE Casket
Wood Caskets - OVERSIZE

Wood Caskets - TRADITIONAL Casket
Wood Caskets - TRADITIONAL
Wood Caskets - VENEER Casket
Wood Caskets - VENEER

Wood Caskets - WALNUT Casket
Wood Caskets - WALNUT
Z - Built to Order Caskets Casket
Z - Built to Order Caskets

Z - Casket Plans Casket
Z - Casket Plans
Z - Custom Art Caskets Casket
Z - Custom Art Caskets

"Click On Any Picture For More Detail!!!"

Z - Casket Plans
Casket Building Plans with a BONUS BOOK!
Casket: Casket Building Plans with a BONUS BOOK!
CALL US NOW - 1-800-550-7262 for answers to your questions!

Detailed drawings and step-by-step instructions come with this

plan. You can personalize the hardware design- or order our parts


You receive: Full size patterns for all shaped pieces,Detailed

exploded view with Step by step instructions and a Complete

materials needed list. Elevation drawings.This plan is recommended

for intermediate or advanced woodworkers.

INCLUDED AS AN EXTRA BONUS -Do-It-Yourself Coffins for People

and Pets planning book. A Complete additional construction plans.

Color photos illustrate every step in creating (3)three coffins

for Pets and (3)three coffins for People.Includes detailed plans.

64 pages, soft cover.

Both of these detailed construction planning workbooks are

available for immediate delivery $69.99 Shipping (3 day) included!

ALSO AVAILABLE - Along with the wood needed to construct the

casket itself, you should plan and/or purchase more parts to make

your casket complete. Parts are handle hinges, lid catch, memorial

tube, corner pieces in either Nickle or Gold finish.

Also a full Casket Bed Frame and Hardware mechanism to raise or

lower your loved one at either end of the bed frame. This keeps

the person from just sinking to the bottom of the casket.


Complete set of hinges, brackets, end caps and corner pieces

(either Nickle or Gold finish), Memorial Tube, Lid catch to

securely close the lids, and lid support hinges:

$699.99 AND THE COFFIN PLANS ARE FOR FREE! If you select the

adjustable bed items, there is an additional charge of $199.00.

Thus the total comes to $898.99

*Shipping for all XTRA parts is a separate charge & quoted upon

shipment. Based on delivery location.

Call us now at 1-800-550-7262 for answers to your questions!

(Product Code CSKPLNS) $69.99

Shipping charges are extra, and vary based on time of need for delivery and area of United States. Most shipments are "door to door" per your instructions - usually to the funeral home you have chosen. The funeral home can NOT require you to be present upon delivery, but you may wish to monitor the delivery time and have them verify the arrival and condition. All caskets are guaranteed to your satisfaction.

Casket Gallery Showrooms has literally 100's of casket styles available either in wood, metal, copper, bronze, or stainless steel. If you have a particular model or design you are looking for, simply contact us for a price quote. Custom caskets can be made in metal with 72 hours notice. Custom wood models are available in selected styles and species. Just call us first!

Call Us 1st!!!
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