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Thank you! for visiting the Casket Gallery selection for Fine Wood Caskets and Metal Caskets. Simply click on a category below to view the Price, Picture, and Description for one of our fine merchandise selections!

Casket Categories

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$$599 Caskets
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Wood Caskets - TRADITIONAL
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Wood Caskets - VENEER

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Wood Caskets - WALNUT
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Z - Built to Order Caskets
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Z - Casket Plans

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Z - Custom Art Caskets

"Click On Any Picture For More Detail!!!"

OverSize Caskets
A - Praying Hands 31 inch Solid Oak
Casket: A - Praying Hands 31 inch Solid Oak
Incredible Natural Oak, clear finish polished to show the

beautiful grain and strength of one of the most selected woods.

Interior - 31 inch Inside

Exterior - 34.5 inch Outside

An oversize vault will be required if burial is in the ground.

Off white Velvet tailored Bed, Pillow and Panel. The Praying Hands

are actually engraved into the wood on the handles, along with the

plaque shown in the center of the head panel.

Shipping costs will be quoted upon order due to distance required.

Please call us for any other information - 1-800-550-7262 NOW!
(Product Code DEVneOak31) $3799.99
CHERISH Poplar Oversize 31 - 36 inch Casket
Casket: CHERISH Poplar Oversize 31 - 36 inch Casket
Excellent MADE IN THE USA product and quality at 50% the price!

Call us at 1-800-550-7262 for answers to your questions.

Shown here with a beautiful Cherry finish, this Solid Wood Poplar

allows someone who needs 31 inch (almost 8 inches larger than a

traditional casket) to be honored with a very Traditional Style

burial casket.This is a special order casket so if you need a

larger size with this style, we can do it!

Interior is complimented with high grade Velvet tailored over an

excelsior bed along with a classic head panel design. Swing Bar

all wood handles and double lugs provide security for carrying.

NOTE - This selection is standard with the length and height of

the shell but the width is increased to 31 inches on the inside.

For the outside dimension add 4 inches for vault sizing.

Generally your order must be received 3-5 days before the funeral

home needs the casket. Custom made, quality takes time. No rush

orders available except for the shipping once completed if needed.

LARGER size available up to 36 inches, for a total of $3899.99.

Either size needs to be confirmed regarding correct size of

deceased and also the planned date for delivery.


Standard shipping (1-5 days depending on location) is just $150.

Overnight or 2-3 day available for additional charges. Call us to

check on delivery to your funeral home.

(Product Code NECMD31) $2999.99
Copperfield Oversize 29 inch Interior
Casket: Copperfield Oversize 29 inch Interior
This casket is proudly Made in America by skilled workers!

Call us at 1-800-550-7262 for answers to your questions.

The interior of this selection is designed with a full 29 inch

wide inside shell design. The exterior measures just a full 1 1/2

inches more. The handle bars & hardware are recessed into the

shell. It is completely gasketed for sealing and locking.

Constructed of American steel complete with lock and gasket. If

you wish to have only the Snap Lock (non seal), you can reduce

the selling price by $100!

Beautifully finished with Coral shades in a 2 Tone with Coppertone

finish on the outside and tailored with Tan Frost Crepe inside

over a fully adjustable bed.

A Full Ray panel design, pillow and blanket are all included.

Other panel styles are available. Ask about any type you may be

interested in. $75 is all for a personalized selection!

NOTE: This casket design is also available in any color

combination. Simply call us and ask about your color choice.

Please call us at 1-800-550-7262 for answers to your questions.

Standard delivery (from 1-5 days depending on location) is

$100-$200! Overnight or Next Day services would be additional

(Product Code SCM106308) $1799.97
Oversize Majestic 28 Inch Economy Casket
Casket: Oversize Majestic 28 Inch Economy Casket
Proudly Made in America with top quality craftsmanship!

Call us now to speak with one of our trained Consultants. The call

is Toll Free at 1-888-782-2753 and may save you thousands of $$$.

Standard shipping (1-5 days depending on location) is $100-$200.

Overnight or Next Day have additional charges. Call us first!

A full 28 inch width shell at the shoulders with 27 inches in the

interior shell opening. This 20 gauge steel casket comes with a

Snap Lock,stationary hardware,crepe interior, and inner bed. This

is a quality economy selection made in the USA with pride.

If you wish to have a locking mechanism with full gasket,

simply add $100. Make sure to note this on your order form.

NOTE: The exterior width is 29 1/2 inches which usually allows

a regular vault at the cemetery.
Check with your Cemetery.

Several fine color selections are available - Skyblue w/silver

shade, White w/Powder Gold, Copper w/Bronze shade, Gold w/Bronze

shade. Many colors available. Shown is the Silver/Black combo.

Larger sizes are available at a higher price. The current sizes

are 30 inch interior width, 33 inch interior width, 36 inch

interior width and a 42 inch interior width.
Call us for


For answers to your questions - Call 1-800-550-7262
(Product Code SC101199) $1199.97
Oversize Majestic Steel 28, 29, 30, 33, 36 & 44 inch Casket
Casket: Oversize Majestic Steel 28, 29, 30, 33, 36 & 44 inch Casket
Don\\\'t believe the lies, or be deceived buying cheap CHINESE

caskets of poor quality. CALL US NOW FOR QUESTIONS YOU HAVE!

Proudly Made in America with top quality craftsmanship!

Call 1-800-550-7262 for answers to your questions. IN ANY COLOR


Made with an interior width of the exact measurement you choose.

This width is for the shoulders and elbows for a man, and for the

woman - the hips. Solid steel. Each Casket made with an End Lock

gasket and seal system.

Color Plated hardware strongly positioned around the entire casket

and recessed into the shell to allow only a small additional width

to the total outside measurement for the casket vault.

Regardless of the width you choose, just add 1 3/4 TO 2 inches to

the Interior Width size for the outside dimensions to tell your

cemetery counselor for the cemetery vault specifications!

See below for larger size prices:

28 inch size - $1299.97

29 inch size - $1599.97

30 inch size - $1699.97

33 inch size - $1799.97

36 inch size - $1999.97

44 inch size - $2499.97

Standard shipping (1-5 days depending on location)For these

large sizes is $150 to $250. Overnight or Next Day available for

additional charges. Call us First! 800-550-7262


TOLL FREE 1-800-550-7262!
(Product Code SM11NS30) $1299.97 +
Oversize Mother Casket - Orchid Rose 30 inch Interior
Casket: Oversize Mother Casket - Orchid Rose 30 inch Interior
Proudly Made in America with top quality craftsmanship!

Call us at 1-800-550-7262 for answers to your questions.

This selection is a Oversize shell allowing a full 30 inches

width inside for a larger person. Most caskets are an average of

23 or 24 inches. Check with your funeral home for size needed.

Finished with soft Orchid, Pink and Coral tones, you can say this

is a truly feminine selection. The pattern is a 2 Tone finish to

produce a truly classic appearance. This 20 gauge steel casket is

made in the USA and made to handle over 300+lbs. Other color

combinations can be requested.

The inside is tailored with high quality pink crepe and the panel

is designed with an embroidered MOTHER complimented by Roses &

drapes.PLUS - if you wish another style panel, let us know!

A completely adjustable inner bed allows the proper fitting, and

the swing bar handles allow easy carrying by the pall bearers. The

lugs also have Rose images on each one of them. Completely locking

and fitted with a gasket.

NOTE - the outside dimensions of this selection is 32 inches wide,

standard height and length. Most oversize cemetery vaults are at

34-36 inches.Confirm with them the exact width of the vault they


Standard shipping (from 1-5 days depending on location) is

$150-$250! Overnight or Rush shipping available for an additional


Call us now at 1-800-550-7262 for any questions! The call and the

advice and information is of no cost to you!
(Product Code SCM105926) $1899.99

MADE IN CANADA by craftsman who have been making caskets for

generations. AVAILABLE NOW for shipping immediately from the

States so you can enjoy these quality products!

Beautiful light matte finished POPLAR WOOD - solid wood, not

veneer with 26 inch full size on the interior, and yet only 28 1/2

inch on the outside. This allows you to use a regular vault and/or

lawn crypt. Always check with your Cemetery counselor on their

sizes and requirements for any burial over standard size.

Delivery time is 1-5 days depending on your location. Standard

shipping is $125-$200. Overnight or rush delivery is available for

extra charges.

CALL US NOW TO ORDER or simply to ask questions. Call us

now at 1-800-550-7262. We are ready to serve you!

(Product Code FARGO) $1999.97

Shipping charges are extra, and vary based on time of need for delivery and area of United States. Most shipments are "door to door" per your instructions - usually to the funeral home you have chosen. The funeral home can NOT require you to be present upon delivery, but you may wish to monitor the delivery time and have them verify the arrival and condition. All caskets are guaranteed to your satisfaction.

Casket Gallery Showrooms has literally 100's of casket styles available either in wood, metal, copper, bronze, or stainless steel. If you have a particular model or design you are looking for, simply contact us for a price quote. Custom caskets can be made in metal with 72 hours notice. Custom wood models are available in selected styles and species. Just call us first!

Call Us 1st!!!
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