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"A funeral doesn't have to bury you in debt!!!"

You're in charge:
     You have the right to buy a casket  from any provider you choose. Also, the funeral home can not refuse to receive a casket, or charge you a fee to handle it if you have purchased it elsewhere. This is the Law!

Our staff of qualified consultants offer over 30 years of combined funeral, cemetery, cremation, and memorial experience to your family. Speak to one of them FIRST to save both grief and maybe thousands of dollars. Become an Informed Customer!

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When it has to be MADE IN THE USA!

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Looking for a World Wide Obituary for your loved one?
No matter when they passed, you can easily use
CYBER SPACE MEMORIAL for no cost! This is a simple,
custom made Online Obituary intended for anyone
to leave a memory, and invite others, like your friends,
spouse, relatives, co-workers and children.

It is Easy to Use, and will NEVER cost you a dime.
NO CREDIT CARD is required to enter your information.
This site is intended as a Public Service. FREE online obituarys and Visitor Book

AMERICAN MADE brand metal caskets, cremation urns and cemetery headstones
with higher quality choices than your local Funeral Home.
Casket Gallery Showrooms is committed to the principles of God's Word
in all of our business dealings. Make your FINAL PLANS here!


Recent Testimonials - Thank you so much for helping us through our casket buying process. I will be honest,
I was scared to death! - that something was going to go wrong and the casket wouldn't get here,
or something bad would happen to it. My sister even called the delivery company this morning
to remind them we needed time to get to the funeral home in order to receive the shipment. Needless
to say, they didn't do this.
The funeral home had told us they didn't want to sign for it in case of any
damages, but I guess since my brother in law had already passed, they didn't have a problem with it!
Once I saw the casket had been delivered, I sent my sister a text asking her how it looked (couldn't
call since I just went back to work). Later they sent me a text saying it arrived and everything was good.
Immediately, my previous stress and anxiety about this purchase disappeared!
Your help throughout this entire process has been great!You told me what would happen
and you followed through on everything. I'm sure after the funeral, this casket will have people in awe
(Art Casket) and them asking where we got it from. We will be recommending your company
for anyone who has to plan for a funeral. Again, thanks for doing a great job and helping us out
through this process!!! You ARE the man!!!! L McPherson, TX

"This may sound strange to some people, but I believe the casket looks beautiful and 1st class!
You kept your word and did everything we asked. The casket arrived on time, in fact early,
and in great condition. Even the funeral director was impressed. Thank you! M Thompson, ID
Just wanted to say thanks to you for getting the casket to South Carolina last Thursday.
It was beautiful and exceeded my expectations. I know that I was a bit of a pain with
all of the phone calls and added stress, and I appreciate your professionalism and patience.
I would definitely recommend your company to anyone else who is wanting a high quality casket
and top tier customer service! Thank you again. M. Martin

I promise to refer anyone in need of your services to you and your site!. Thank you
so very much for all you did for my brother & I. Sincerely, A Valencia

"I just saw the casket, and it's absolutely gorgeous as you promised!
Thank you!    S. Short
"Personal Freedom means: enjoying our free will
to pursue abundant happiness, wealth, health, achievement,
and contribution"
-- Brendon Burchard, Author
"Cowards die many times before their deaths;
The valiant never taste of death but once."
-- William Shakespeare - Julius Caesar
Is the funeral home you are using giving you trouble about choosing a casket online?
If so, read this and apply the instructions. Full Text: FTC Funeral Rules

COMING SOON - What you should NEVER buy from any FUNERAL HOME!

LA Times    January 31, 2002 ONLINE SHOPPER
You Can Rest in Peace After Choosing
Your Burial Option

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 It is quite possibly the last thing you will ever need to buy online. For those who want to avoid the unpleasant trip to the funeral home, Internet funeral services offer a range of burial options online, from pet caskets to mausoleums......

Casket Gallery
Casket Gallery boasts more than three dozen caskets for less than $3,000. As the site advertises, "A funeral doesn't have to bury you in debt!" The site, at www.casketgallery .com, also sells urns, most of which cost less than $1,000. Shipping costs for caskets vary. Urns cost $15 to ship. In addition to its merchandise, Casket Gallery includes a "cyberspace memorial" on the site.

Christine Frey covers personal technology.

Copyright 2002 Los Angeles Times

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