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Tim Hodges
September 9, 1960   -   February 16 , 2007

Obituary posted by : Tony Hodges ,  baby brother   
Person Description:
Though your body sleeps, I know big brother your in our saviors care. Even though we were so sad to let you go, Jesus was glad to have you home. I miss taking care of you through your battle, a battle I wish you never had. I love you Tim and will never forget you. You will be in my thoughts daily. I will be a great uncle to Miranda for you.
Service Information:
SFH, Florida 2/20/2007 1:00p
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Contributor :  TH

Mom and I placed new flowers on you\'re grave. 7yrs..miss you!

Contributor :  TH

Happy B-Day brother. Miss and love you.

Contributor :  TH

8 yrs ago you had to leave us and we are left going through the motions of life, never to be the same again. Miss u.

Contributor :  TH

Merry Christmas brother, miss you much1

Contributor :  TH

Another Christmas without you and we feel it. Love you. 2015.