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Richard Albert Sanford
July 4, 1937   -   April 12 , 2006

Obituary posted by : Lorena A Sanford ,  daughter   
Person Description:
Daddy I am destroyed, I run, I walk ,I hide to try and just find something anything from you.Then I hear your voice dancing through the wind as you take my hand through my Shadow I visualize you and for a moment I'm transported to that special place we used to go to where It was just US, I hear your crisp voice telling me how much you love me.Thank you for existing daddy it was a privilege to have been your daughter for 32 years. The only problem is I needed more time, More time... of the only person that gave me that love, compassion, acceptance that only existed through your kind wise words and gentle touch.Please accept my apology for the mistakes I made. They haunt me everyday ,when you would cry of pain, rather than opening the door grabbing you and telling how much I love you I turned away. God forgive me. I would give anything today to open that door and look into your eyes and tell you that a million years could pass waters be flow, the earth may shake but none of it could knock down the love I have towards you.So daddy come with me take my hand I will take along the journey of my life. Come to my wedding in London, to the first birth of my children and to all the amazing things that will happen as you live through me. Daddy you are here now I am always your TWEETY
Service Information:
Eternal peace along side his mother Judith Sanford
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