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Gail Elaine
03/28/1953   -   April 23 , 2006

Obituary posted by : Christina Gail Goodrich ,  Daughter   
Person Description:
My mother was a warm caring and understanding person who was full of love and life. She never wanted anything more in her life than to be with her family and friends. She was married to my father for 35 years, and as each year went by their love was stronger. It was a love made in heaven. She was not only a mother to my brother and I she was our best friend. Who was there to hold our hand when we needed something to hold onto, and to kiss our tears away when things wasn't going just right. Her love was unconditional and when she said " I love you " she meant every word. She never knew a stranger, whom ever she meant they were her friends. My mom was one who put herself last to make others happy, no matter what the cost. Although her time on earth was brief, she taught all those around her all her unconditional love, and how to give love in return freely from the heart. God took her home under his wing and has made her an angel in heaven as she was on earth. As each day goes by, we know she is watching over all those who miss her so dearly, and filling their tears with love. She would not want us to grieve her loss and be mournful, she would want us to rejoice that she is in a peaceful place where she does not have to know pain or suffering again. Knowing how kind she was to all those around her she would say if we could only remember her with tears do not remember her at all, because she would remember us with our smiles and our love. Tears that are shed are one of happiness knowing that her love surronds us everyday. As we look up into the clouds we know she is looking down with that beautiful smile, letting us know that she is with us and her love continues on. Mommy we miss you so very much, thank you for your continued love and for being in our hearts everyday. May God hold you in his loving grace as you did for us each day that we spent with you. Love your family. Harry, Harry Jr. Christina
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