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Jayraj C. Barot
14 nov 1950   -   January 09 , 2006

Obituary posted by : sangram jayraj barot ,  Son of the Deceased   
Person Description:
this is to let those who read it know, that my father passed away suddenly on the 9th.
i am not looking forward to consolations but to let people know how i feel.
i have learnt that while your parents are alive, do whatever you can for them.
spend time with them, in retrospect you may find like me that time spent was not enough.
i owe my existence to my father and mother. if i have disgraced them ever i am a fool to do so.
i have learnt what life is all about, its more living from heart, with conscience then liveing from mind.
i have learnt from him not to lie and speak your heart out on various matters.
i have learnt that to have an opinion on everything separates us as a human race.
i have leant from him to act in right manner withour remorse.
i have learnt that to forcibly feed your loved ones daily when they are busy, so that they never go hungry.
i have learnt that sacrifices have to be made fo betterment of life, you cant cheat about that.
i have learnt from him to be frugal but have a refined taste while you are alive.
i would give anything that was mine to hold him close to my heart once againg, see him smile back at us, talk to him how he feels......i did that often but find that it was not enough.

however much i may become, whatever i may earn....i will always miss him in the true sense.

may god be kind enough to grant him peace, happiness, health and laughter wheever he is.

may we have his blessings always, his presence from skies, watching over whatever we do. may he guide us with all his knowledge and love.

may i play cricket again with him, i will not mind bowling to him if my arms fall off from it.

may i be able to do somehting that is similar to him, similar to his spirit,,,,,

may god be kind enough to unite me with him my grandparents, pets and all loved ones after my death

if i have to take birth again, may i get him as father.....forever

love you papa....missing you in every thing i do.
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