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Janet Faye Simons
September 1941   -   March 08 ,

Obituary posted by : Brandy Nettleton-McCallum ,  Grand Daughter   
Person Description:
This is one of the strongest people I could ever think of! It is coming up on 15 years since we lost her and I can still remember it like it was yesterday. About 10 years before my grandmother had suffered a stroke and was not expected to live through the next 24 hours much less as long as she did. The doctor said bring everyone in and say goodbye, this is all I can do. She wasn't ready to say good bye. They basically pulled the plug, she began to breathe on her own and take over functions herself. She had more living to do! She was never the same and it was a whole new life. She could no longer walk, she was paralyzed on her entire right side. Her speech was incredibly slurred. She was often frustrated to the point of tears when she could not say the things she wanted to. She eventually got so sick that my family could no longer take care of her. She had been in the hospital and the doctors, again, in a similar position, would not allow her to go home anymore. She could only be released to a nursing home. A few months later she was ready to say good bye. I did not realize until I was much older that she was so strong. That she was taken too young. She was only 50 the day she died. Mostly, that she loved me more than anyone ever will. I hope that she knows that I love her just as much and that she is happy with the way I turned out. My only regret is that she never got to see my children. They say my daughter is a spitting image. They say my son is the sweetest thing. I dare not say what they say about my littlest son. :o) She would have loved them all just as she loved us more than anything else.
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