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Ricardo Sr.
November 05, 1924   -   October 23 , 2005

Obituary posted by : Randall Von Grijaldo Antolin ,  Grandfather   
Person Description:
Person Description
On October 23, 2005 our beloved Ricardo Magillano Grijaldo, born on November 05,1924, a person that will always be remembered, died in the graceful hands of our God Almighty. Tio Cadong as he was fondly called was a person loved by both his relatives, friends and neighbors and those lives he touched. Lolo Cadong lived the early part of his life building a family bonded by love and care. A person who had taken the duty of willingly serving his community, being the one who give free medical services to human and animals, having studied simple veterinarian practices. In the last years of his life, even of his old age he continued to serve our country, being recognized as a person selfless of his own interest and welfare. With his dedication, she have helped our barangay at Anahaw, Hinigaran and its people to be better as it has now become. He is a person who believed in his own country, and served his country; as a hero of the Philippines in his own small but significant way. He will always be remembered this way, and as he laid rest to open our country to the youth that would follow her footsteps. He lived the full life granted to him by God Almighty, and he deserved now this time to rest.
- From His Loving Grandson,
Randall Von Grijaldo Antolin
Service Information:
A mass will be held at 3'o clock at Mary Magdalene Parish Church Hinigaran Negros Occidental. Interment will follow at Hinigaran Public Cemetery.
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