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August 14, 1929   -   August 16 , 2005

Obituary posted by : K.O.Cherian ,  Son   
Person Description:
Dad, I am grateful I was chosen to be your son, if only for a short time. I will keep my love and thoughts of you locked within my heart, there it shall remain till the end of time. You were a great man. You were great because you were kind. You were great because you were humble, gentle and full of forgiveness. You were great because you loved me even when I didn't deserve to be loved. I will miss you Dad for all the days of my life, and if I can learn to be half as good as you were in life, I suppose that I will see you on the other side some day. Dad I miss you so much,
Service Information:
Dad was buried in the CSI cemetery at kodukulanji, Chengannur, Kerala on 17th August 2005 in the Kollenmareth Family vault around 5 pm. Service was conducted by the CSI bishop of Kerala.
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