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Roger Lange
12/14/1953   -   May 03 , 2005

Obituary posted by : ruthann lange ,  wife   
Person Description:
His legacy was different from others. An enigma prevailed throughout his life...leaving many confused.
However;--- his "renewed" daily vision he projected; regardless of circumstances was an outstanding feature of his life.

. In his final days he lost some of that vision; which let people close to him; know how very ill he was. (although he never said anything much about how bad he felt) It was obvious, this was not the "Roger" we all knew and loved. His "fishing_buddies" knew for certain; something was amiss.

He was positive in his approach to life, which gave others around him a "renewal" of hope as well. Even at work, during pressured days, he kept his people happy, by always wearing a smile, and brightening their days with a "joke" or a happy thought.

There was never a "dull" moment at work with Roger....but he also spoke his mind often getting himself in a little "hot" water with those not understanding his "sense of humor" and often "pointed_opinions".
He had little use anymore for "traditional_ritual" and bogus__ "professions"; which makes us all wonder why he did certain things. But that seems to be a "mystery" of the human "psyche"; within all of us.

He was not perfect, as any of us are not as well; but he was "real" in heart and emotion in his latter time. Something; that also seemed to be a question during his earlier life by several of those who surrounded him..

Roger V we never could figure out, but who we all loved inspite of the contradiction of events in his life.

If he were to suddenly re-appear... I truly believe; the first thing said__would be, where is "Ruthann; I have something to tell her!"___our deepest discussions and long-winded conversations; for many years--concerned our spiritual quest. He had so many questions concerning contradictions of scripture, and of things he had been taught in his youth. He now___ has the full "truth" he so deeply desired.
Service Information:
Held in Ludington Michigan on Saturday evening May 14, 2005, for all family members and friends from Ludington Michigan. Regretfully it was not possible to have services at Fordland Kentucky.
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