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Debra DeKlaita
August 19, 1957   -   June 06 , 2005

Obituary posted by : Kathy Walters ,  sister   
Person Description:
As an adult the last years of her life, she cooked and cared for numerous kids of her own, their friends, anyone who came to her house she took care of them as if they were her own. Music was always playing, her kids and their friends all hang hanging out.

But as a child growing up in the Patterson family, she was the strong sister, the "leader" of the 3 youngest kids.
She stood up for me many times. But looking back on our life together, the one memory I admire her the most for, is something that happened to us in 1974.

We were teenage kids hitch hikeing in the country roads of Indiana. We had our 2 neices our age with us. A man in a 4 door car stopped and picked us up, he asked "where ya going?" She told him to the next stop sign at the end of this corn field".
Twila got in next to the man, Debby sat next to her in the passenger seat. My little brother and Janine sat in the back with me.

No sooner than he starts to drive, I get a sick feeling to my gut when I look towards the front seat, that man was looking back at me in the rear view mirror, and I started kicking on Debby's car seat to get her attention.
At that moment, he was trying to did touch Twila's leg.

Debby reached across Twila took her fist and started hitting him yelling at us to jump out and run.
We ran, our legs were weak. We all made a pact not to tell our parents. I know I never did. But if were not for Debby hitting that man to get us out of the car, I don't think we'd be here today.
Service Information:
Trinity Baptist Chuch on Ronald Ave, Modesto, CA. Pastor Darrell Beck.
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