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Brenda Elizabeth Layne
  -   July 17 , 2004

Obituary posted by : Alfred Matthews, Jr. ,  soul mate   
Person Description:
Brenda was an angel
and my best friend;
we were to be together
until the end.

Our life was joyful
and sometimes sad;
we made the best
of what we had.

She loved her family
and friends,
music, westerns,
and the Redskins.

Brenda enjoyed animals
and watching TV,
court shows, horror
and mystery.

Worked and played with children
in Head Start -
In all her life,
this was the best part.

She was fond of her grandchildren -
of whom she spoke so dear;
She loved playing and teaching them,
and having them near.

Liking nature and
the country side;
she was fond of places
open and wide.

She loved life
from beginning to end;
she loved people
and making a friend.

Brenda was a light,
so kind and sweet,
she was warm to anybody
that she would meet.

Do the Lord take the good
and leave the bad?
It seems that way
to those who are sad.

Brenda, you will always
be in my heart;
In my memories of life,
you are the best part.

Sometimes, my head was hard -
for which I regret;
You were very forgiven -
I will never forget.

Brenda was an angel
and my best friend;
we were to be together
until the end.

My beloved Brenda Layne departed this life
on Saturday, July 17, 2004.

May God Be With Her
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