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Anthony Rainieri
May 5, 1991   -   February 06 , 2005

Obituary posted by : Olivia Noelle ,  Good Friend   
Person Description:
Anthony Michael Raineri was a friend to us all. 6 feet tall and very active in sports, the bonds of cliches that suppressed most thirteen year olds did not affect his outgoing personality. He mixed with people of all groups and ages, from the lowliest sixth grader and the nerdiest group to the most popular and outgoing eighth graders.
His tragic death will be remembered forever. While driving around in nearby San Antonio with some friends and his older sister, Allison, there van had a run in with a group of gang members. While heroically pushin his sister out of the way tony took a bullet in the chest.
He was in critical condition for several days before finally passing into the good Lord's hands on the sixth.
His death hit all of his friends hard. We still grieve and will alwas remeber him.
We will miss you.
Service Information:
This service is for close friends and family only, at the behest of the grieving mother. I am sorry but only those who were invited are allowed to attend. Thank you for your condolances.
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