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Charles Arosio
June 1912   -   August , 2001

Obituary posted by : Lindsey Moss ,  great grandaughter   
Person Description:
Charles Arosio was a wonderful father, grandfather, and great grandfather to those who knew and loved him. He died on his daughter's (Mary Louise Moss)birthday and is terribly missed. His wife, Annie Oliveri Arosio died when his grandson (Charles Moss) was 10 years old and is also terribly missed. Charles Arosio died when his great grandaughter (Lindsey Nicole Moss) was 10 years old and when his great grandson (Kevin Allan Moss) was 4. Lindsey misses him very much and is the one who posted this obituary.
Service Information:
Charles Arosio was cremated and is buried in Gilroy where he rests in piece next to his wife Annie Arosio.
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