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OCTOBER 17,1941   -   July 28 , 2004

Obituary posted by : WILLIAM EDWARD CHUTE ,  son   
Person Description:
everyone should always treasureevery moment that you have withyour parents,i would give up everything to have 5 minutes more with my mom. the world is an ugly place ever since she left it, i will always miss youmomma,i wish itwould have been me that got cancer instead of you. i will never understandwhy god thought he needed youup therewith him,he had no righttotake you from hell with him!!!
Service Information:
SHIRLEY WAS A MOTHER,WIFE,GRANDMOTHER,AND THEMOST DEVOTED FAMILY PERSON THATEVER WALKED THE PLAnet,god had no right to take my mother from this earth,i will never ever forgive god as long as ilive
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