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Lydia O. Mandleco (nee) Klaus
June 14, 1921   -   March 29 , 1987

Obituary posted by : Lynnette M. Gilliam (Mandleco) ,  Daughter   
Person Description:
Lydia was a wonderful mother and wife and had many many friends. She was a sweet and gentle lady. She was married to Walter Henry mandleco Sr. for 30 years. He preceeded her in death in 1969. She was the mother of 4 children, Lydia E. Walter H. Jr. Carl F. and Lynnette Marie. She had 7 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren. Her one grandson Ryan Richard Gilliam passed away March 14, 2001 and Great grandson Keith Passed away July 7, 1991. They are together again.
Service Information:
Mrs Mandleco chose to be layed to rest in Kelly Hill Cemetery, just out side of Boyds Washington. She loved living there. It was a simple country funeral and many family and friends attended. Her great grandson Keith is near by.
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