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The Crew Of The Space Shuttle Columbia,Rick Husban
January 17,2003   -   February 01 , 2003

Obituary posted by : Eagle Scout Gregory LeVor Campbell ,  Eagle Scout   
Person Description:
The Right Stuff;
The Fatal Mission of 16 Days;
The Crew of the Space Shuttle Columbia,The Columbia Astronauts were talented and tough Men and Women.

Rick Husband,45
Commander;Amarillo Texas

William Mccool,41
Pilot;San Diego California

Michael Anderson,43
Payload Commander;

Kalpana Chawla,41
Mission Specialist;

David Brown,46
Mission Specialist;

Laurel Clark,41
Mission Specialist;

Ilan Ramon,48
Payload Specialist;
PEACE,12:35AM,February 3,2003
Eagle Scout Gregory Levor Campbell
Service Information:
Service is in Outer Space They were Pilots with PhDs,Soldiers who were Scientists. Men and Women alike posted on
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