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Photo of Natural Paper Cremation Urn Urn
Natural Paper Cremation Urn
Description :These biodegradable "cast paper" urns are appropriate for scattering in either fresh or sea water, or burial on land. Each urn holds a complete 250 cubic inches which is well over the normal size for a standard adult set of cremated remains, or you may combine two "portions" together.

Included with each urn is a biodegradable bag for containment of the "ashes" until the scattering or burial. Each urn is made from non-toxic materials which conform to all state and federal regulations.

When used for scattering at sea, the urn will sink in ten minutes and fully degrade in about 1-3 days. When buried on land, the urn breaks down in 1-2 years depending on soil conditions.

Truly a unique and special way to provide for the final memorial placement of your loved one, with a completely "natural" urn.

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