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Photo of Going Home Keepsake Urn Urn
Going Home Keepsake Urn
Description :Comes with a velvet case. Beautiful hand crafted solid brass keepsake with gorgeous engraved design and a two-tone finish.

Has felt bottom and screw-on top. Ht: 4" width: 2.5" Cubic inches: 5

Free standard shipping.

SAVE NOW - buy a set of 6 and pay only $199.97! Standard shipping included in the price. Each additional keepsake urn ordered at the same time and shipped to the same address is only:
$89.97 for two
$119.97 for three
$149.97 for four
$179.97 for five
$199.97 for six
each additional keepsake ordered over six (6), is only $30.00 each!

Your order will be processed manually so that only the number of urns you have notated on your order form will be charged.

Typical Price:   $99.00
Our Price: $49.97


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