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Picture of Our CHERISH Poplar Oversize 31 - 36 inch Casket Casket
Our CHERISH Poplar Oversize 31 - 36 inch Casket
Description :

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Excellent MADE IN THE USA product and quality at 50% the price!
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Shown here with a beautiful Cherry finish, this Solid Wood Poplar
allows someone who needs 31 inch (almost 8 inches larger than a
traditional casket) to be honored with a very Traditional Style
burial casket.This is a SPECIAL ORDER casket so if you need
a larger size with this style, we can do it!

Interior is complimented with high grade Velvet tailored over an
excelsior bed along with a classic head panel design. Swing Bar
all wood handles and double lugs provide security for carrying.

NOTE - This selection is standard with the length and height of
the shell but the width is increased to 31 inches on the inside.
For the outside dimension add 4 inches for vault sizing.

Generally your order must be received 3-5 days before the funeral
home needs the casket. Custom made, quality takes time. No rush
orders available except for the shipping once completed if needed.

LARGER size available up to 36 inches, for a total of $3399.99.

Either size needs to be confirmed regarding correct size of
deceased and also the planned date for delivery.

Standard shipping (1-5 days depending on location) is just $150.
Overnight or 2-3 day available for additional charges. Call us to
check on delivery to your funeral home.


Typical Price:   $4799.99
Our Price: $2399.99

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