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CALL US NOW to place your order and/or questions that we will have
athe answer for.Personalized with either Navy, Army, Air Force,
inside cap panel embroidery, and outside Seal if requested.

Special Honor and Respect is due to every man and woman who have
served our country in the US Armed Services. And nothing is better
to honor them at time of need than this US Tribute Veteran casket
which is made right here in the United States.BUY AMERICAN!

This 18 gauge selection has a specialized shell with a 26 inch
width at the shoulders, Flag Emblems on the Handle Lugs all
around. Complete with a gasket and sealing hardware.

The interior is a unique Military uniform fabric and is
used for all of the Tailoring and Trimming throughout.

In the Head panel is a 10 inch Service Seal embroidered emblem
brilliantly displayed. For an extra charge, a smaller emblem (6
inch is best) can be placed on the blanket if desired.Cost $50
The trimming can also be changed to Gold if requested.

The finish is Blue on the entire shell with a double
chrome pin stripping accent on the top lids. Black and/or White
are also available for you to choose from.

Shipping anywhere in the USA. Standard shipping (1-5 days
depending on your location) is only $100. Overnight or rush is
available for an extra charge.

Check with us by providing the Zip Code of the delivery point so
we can quote and provide delivery times.

Call us at 1-800-550-7262 for answers to your questions.

Typical Price:   $4999.99
Our Price: $1797.97

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