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Picture of Round Top Carved Solid Poplar Casket Casket
Round Top Carved Solid Poplar Casket
Description :

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casket or any of our other products or services!

A design and style that stands alone as an innovation in casket
craftsmanship. Decorated carved planks at the top of a Round Top
makes this a one of a kind selection. This selection is more
traditional than our Flat Top carved design.

To our knowledge, there is no one that has this similar design
with a complete dome top. Excellent & Classy. Tasteful and elegant
with still a traditional look.

Specie: Solid Poplar Wood Casket
Design: Round top, half-couch, hand carved scroll design
Size: 24 inch wide interior, 78 inch length interior
Interior: Light Champagne Tailored Velvet

Exterior: Red Mahogany high gloss finish, swing bar handles, end
handles, oval wood lugs
Panel: Divine Sun Ray design in Velvet

This is a truly unique and special choice for someone very
special.Call us at 1-800-550-7262 for answers to your questions.

Standard shipping (from 1-5 days depending on location)
is only $100! No other charges. If you want
Overnight or Rush Delivery, it is available
for an additional charge.

Call us at 1-800-550-7262 for answers to your questions!

Typical Price:   $9399.79
Our Price: $2499.97

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