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Picture of BIKER MOTORCYCLE Art Casket Casket
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NOTICE - this Art Casket design is only available now with 2
units in stock. After they are sold, it will be discontinued! If
you really want this, get it now because we have actually
discounted it $300! These store well with 5-8 year storage being
no problems. Probably can be longer, but we do not have
verification for longer than 8 years from testimonials from our

The Last Ride - Did they ride a Harley-Davidson, Triumph, Honda,
Yamaha, Chopper, BMW, Indian, or Kawasaki? If they did, they
deserve something that paints a picture of the essence of what
they truly love like this Art Casket does.

NOTE - The color on these photos are terrible!!! There is no pink
or lavender, it is actually a gold color over the Highway Route 66
emblem. No, it is not your browser, it is a bad editing job by the
photographer and printer! The actual casket cover is great!

This Art Casket captures the spirit of a wide-open throttle on
Route 66. It is the perfect way to honor those touring enthusiasts
who prefer wind in their hair, handlebars, and a dashed white line
stretching into infinity.

The inside crepe is White, fully tailored with a embroidered
Motorcycle in the center of the cap panel. Whether closed or open,
this casket brings many memories to mind with anyone who rides.

Standard casket shipping (1-5 days depending on location)is $100.
Check with us for shipping to the funeral home of your choice.
Overnight or rush deliveries, if available, are extra cost.

Typical Price:   $5995.00
Our Price: $2697.97

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