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Picture of Poplar PIETA with Red Walnut with ECO wise VENEER Casket
Poplar PIETA with Red Walnut with ECO wise VENEER
Description :

SPECIAL PRICE AVAILABLE NOW! Do NOT miss this special price for
a selection the Funeral Home would charge at least $3000 for.
Quality made, introductory price promotion! 1-800-550-7262

If you are conservation minded,or your loved one was, this is the
perfect casket to select. Made from completely recycled wood
shavings and processed to be as strong, if not stronger than any
all wood casket except Walnut and/or Ironwood!

Along with that, the outside is a true wood veneer, stained and
polished to have the appearance of a solid wood casket! Many
people are buying these not just because of price, but beauty!

The classic choice & selection by families wishing to remember the
divine and spiritual aspects of their loved ones life - The Pieta!
CALL NOW FOR ANSWERS! 800-550-7262

Specie: POPLAR Veneer with Honey Red Walnut finish
NOTE - photo shows the finish lighter than actual color.
Design: Cast Last Supper sides & Cast La Pieta corners, swing bar
Interior: Champagne Velvet tailored over an adjustable bed
Exterior: high gloss finish
Panel: Full Sunray Panel
Size: full 24inch width interior, standard sizes, up to 350 lbs
Bed: Fully adjustable at both the foot and head end

Standard shipping (from 1-5 days depending on location)
is only $125-$175! If you wish Overnight or Rush Delivery, call
for quotes.

Call us at 1-800-550-7262 for answers to your questions!

Typical Price:   $3299.99
Our Price: $1399.99

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